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Your Colorado Newsletter-- Magic For Your Family!
February 19, 2012
Hello Friends!

Welcome to the first of many UNBELIEVABLE Colorado Pictures, Videos and Articles. I go through hundreds of images each week and narrow down the absolutely best for you.

This is what's in store for you this week:

Colorado Magic for You and Your Family. Your kids have got to see this! and It's Colorado's Video of the Week! And Look for an Update From Me for Next Week!!

Do you want to laugh? If so, then this Aspen Video is for you.

Could you use a little more speed with your computer? This tip I came across could really Make Your Computer Faster.

You can now ski uphill! This is a high adrenaline sport that you might love. 

There is a new Colorado Beer company that bottles their premium brew into champagne bottles.

I found views to the easiest 14er to climb in Colorado. It's a short video that'll inspire you to get your hiking boots out this spring.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has found a way to blend profits and the environment together. A 3 minute video by CNN will show you how they did it.

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Thanks SO MUCH for Your Time and Happy Travels!

David Claussen

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