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Your Colorado Newsletter-- New Art Called Snow Circles
February 26, 2012
Hello Friends!

I learned two new things this week that I thought you'd like to learn about real quickly. One comes from art and the other science.

Do you know anything about Astrophotography? Now you can check out some "universal" pics by clicking here. The videos might be a little long but you can simply scroll through them.

Over Rabbit Ears Pass, a new art is being formed. It's a spin-off of a controversy and it got some natioanl press. It's also Colorado's Video of the Week!

Have You Ever Looked out at a beautiful horizon and you wanted a photo of the whole region. Now you can do that even with a cheap camera. Take a look at the free tutorial that I made.

For your adrenaline rush of the week, view this 1:30 minute video of Helicopter Skiing near Silverton, Colorado.

Thanks So Much for Your Time and Have a Great Week!

David Claussen

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