An Aspen Black Man

There is an Aspen Black Man hanging out in town. The video below is very funny and I thought you would enjoy a little Colorado levity. I looked up some interesting facts from Aspen and Colorado that you can take a look at below. Don't worry. I'm not trying to be political with any of this!

I took a look at and found that Aspen has a white population of 95.8%, 2.2% Hispanic, Two or more races of 1.2%, and .8% Asian. Black or African-American wasn't even listed.

The median household income in Aspen is listed at $56,161 while the median for Colorado is $55,430. I was surprised when I saw that. I thought it would have been much higher. There's a saying about Aspen: "The millionaires are moving out and the billionaires are moving in."  

However, when I looked at the estimated median house or condo value, it was much higher. In Aspen, you would be staring at a median value of $873,592 compared to Colorado at $237,800. That's what makes Aspen one of the wealthiest places in America.

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