Black Canyon of the Gunnison

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is simply STEEP!  It's so steep that sunlight can barely penetrate the deepest parts of the canyons.  

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In one area called Chasm View, there is a drop of about 240 feet in one mile.  To put that into perspective, the Grand Canyon drops by an average of 7.5 feet per mile.  That's why the walls of the valley are so dark and thus the name. 

black canyon of the gunnison

From one end to the other is about 53 miles and its narrowest point is called "The Narrows."  This all started about 2 million years ago. 

There are two sides: the north and south, but most people see it from the South Rim Road because it's only 6 miles from U.S. Highway 50.  The only way you get down is by hiking because there aren't any roads leading down.  If you do hike, take your fishing poles because the trout fishing is usually pretty good down there.

black canyon national park
Most People Don't Hike Down, but If You do, You'll Never Forget It 

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