Colorado Beer is the Best in America! And I Can Prove That Claim

When people think of Colorado beer, they usually only associate that with Coors Brewing. However, after you watch the video below and view that stats that I'll lay out, I think you'll also conclude that the Rocky Mountain state is really the best.

Here are some facts from the Colorado Brewers Guild (They have a great guide and map for you.) that surprised me:

  1. The Front Range is the largest craft brewing market with 74 breweries and there are over 130 total in the whole state.  Denver brews more than any other major city in America.
  2. Durango has four breweries making it tops in the nation with one brewery per 3,480 people.
  3. Colorado has the highest percentage of draft beer consumed in the U.S
  4. There is some of the best mountain water in the world.
  5. Colorado brewers were awarded forty-five medals in the 2011 GABF, with 37% being gold!
  6. Colorado is home to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF)
On top of all of that, Charlie Papazian is called the "Godfather" of American Homebrewing and he is a resident of Boulder.  He coined the phrase "relax, don't worry, have a homebrew." He's taught 1000s of people on how to make their own, great beers.  

colorado beer
You Can Go Into Many Restaurants and See This Many Taps

What other region in America could make the claims above?

Colorado Beer Festivals

The Great American Beer Festival has been in Colorado for over 30 years and it takes place usually during the second week in October.  However, there are some other notable events that you'll want to check out:
  • Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines Festivals in Vail during January
  • The Firkin Rendezvous (An Ale Celebration) in Colorado Springs during February
  • Avery Strong Ale Fest in Lakewood during March
  • Avery Sour Ale Fest in Lakewood during May
  • Summit of Bluegrass and Brews in Dillon during June
  • Colorado Brewers Rendezvous during July in Salida
  • and many other small, local beer celebrations.

I hope you enjoy one of Colorado's local brews and I would love to see any of your comments about my claim.  Just enter them below.  

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If you have any great pictures of a great "brew experience" or anything else from Colorado, I'd love to see them.  I'll put them into my free newsletter and 1000s of people will be able to see them.  

Thanks for your time and Happy Travels!

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