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Colorado cities are unique because of their histories and contemporary architecture.  Most of these towns were started because of mining and the gold rush, but they've been revived with modern buildings and other infrastructure. On top of that, many of these towns are nestled into the mountains with grand views.  

I plan on taking my own photos and combining it with images from many other travel sites and make shows that will inspire you.  You will discover new and unique places that you never knew about from the great "Centennial State."

colorado cities

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According to Wikipedia, there are 271 active municipalities in Colorado.  Of course the biggest city is Denver with a population of just over 600,000 people. However, if you include the whole metro area, then you've got a population of over 2 million people.

Colorado Springs ranks 2nd with a little over 400,000.  Ft. Collins in the north has about 140,000 and Pueblo comes in at about 110,000.  Go west and Grand Junction comes in at about 60,000.  

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An Aspen Black Man  This is Very Funny!

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