A Colorado Dog Bite

I normally wouldn't show this Colorado dog bite on this site,
but I think it's important for your kids to see. I showed my
10 and 7 year old, so they learn to not put their faces near a dog,
even if it seems friendly.

The dog's name is Max and he actually fell into Smith Reservoir the day before after he was chasing a coyote.  He and the coyote ran onto the ice and they both fell in.  The coyote was never seen again and Max was rescued by a fireman.  

Check out the video below of the amazing rescue.  

The fireman had never done a rescue like this before except during his training. So he really did something amazing.  Max was actually paddling for about 20 minutes, so he must have been exhausted.  

Max has to stay in a pound for 10 days to determine if he's got any rabbies.

Kyle Dyer, the reporter, was taken to the hospital and listed in fair condition. So let's pray that she'll be ok and let's hope that the whole situation turns out for the best.  

I would like to hear your thoughts on your situation.  Do you think this is an appropriate video for your childeren to see?

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Happy Travels!

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