The Colorado Mountains

The Colorado mountains really symbolize the state. There are over 500 peaks that are greater that 13,100 feet which is roughly 4000 meters.   

We are definitely high because it's the only state in the union that is above 1000 meters in elevation. The highest summit is Mount Elbert ascending up to the heavens at 14,440 feet (4401 meters) and the lowest point comes in at 3,315 feet (1010 meters) where the Arikaree River runs into Kansas.

colorado mountains
Mt. Elbert Photo Courtesy of dherrera_96

Mount Elbert is also the highest point in all of the Rocky Mountains.

The most popular mountain is Pikes Peak because of America's "Second National Anthem."  Mount of the Holy Cross lies in the Sawatch Range and it's obviously known for the beautiful cross ingrained into it and Mount Evans is known for the highest paved road in the world.  

mount evans
Your Car Will Get a Workout Going Up Mount Evans

Many would say that the most scenic mountains are the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado.

maroon bells
Photo Courtesy of Rick Pawlenty

They have two beautiful, 14,000 plus peaks separated by about one third of a mile. It's a great area for hiking.

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