Colorado Natural Springs

You're going to love these free Colorado Natural Springs I found on Youtube. It's primitive, meaning it's only run by nature and some elk or deer that come down to drink from it.  

colorado natural springs
Conundrum Springs near Aspen.  Courtesy of Bartlec

You need to walk about 9 miles to get to the Conundrum Springs between  Aspen and Crested Butte, Colorado.  The temperature is about 100 degrees and you'll sit in the middle of 6 mountain peaks of paradise.

The video gives you a good idea of the pleasure that you'll be soaking in.

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The second one is called Piedra Hot Springs.  These beautiful pools are located about 16 miles southwest of Pagosa Springs. You will have to walk about 3 miles round trip and drop in on them from about 900 feet up.  There aren't many signs to show you, so you're best off following the river to reach them.  More than likely you'll have them all to yourselves!

I have read that clothing is optional, so keep that in mind if you bring your kids.  

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Just use the Google Map above to see where they're located

I have read several reviews about the springs and most people say the hike is well worth it.  The temperatures are about 105 degrees and some pools are green with a lot of algae and some are clear.  

The third Colorado Natural Springs that you should consider is called Radium Spring which is about 10 miles north of Silverthorne.  The temperatures are not as hot being only about 92 degrees.

In the mean time, if you go to any of these spots, I'd love to see any pictures or videos that you get.  If you have a fun story, please share it.  People would love to hear your opinion.  Just go to my Colorado Pictures page for details.  

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