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This Colorado Rally Video that I found shows the amazing things that safety engineers can do for cars.  You'll think that the people in this video died, but you have to watch to find out what happens.  

Warning!!  You might have an adrenaline rush after watching this.  Don't try this one at home. 

Rallying is unlike any other racing sport.  Drivers never see the course that they will be taking and they must rely on their navigator.  That's why you hear the navigator in the video giving directions.  He uses a route book along with an electronic odometer to help guide the driver.

Races can take place on all types of roads including mountain passes, rough gravel, logging roads, and even regular streets.  The cars have to be street legal because many times that's part of the course.

colorado rally
Photo Courtesy of Eduparise

You could actually buy a typical rallying car from a local dealer, put a few modifications on it and you're ready to go.    

The race will last for several days covering hundreds of miles and they will go through every type of weather condition.  Many professionals consider rally drivers to be the best racers in the world because of all of the different conditions they must face.  It isn't like your typical car race where the driver is going around the same track for hundreds of times.  Everything is completely new with these races!     

Starting in March, you can catch a Colorado Rally a couple of times a month. Races are at Deer Trail, Pueblo, and Pikes Peak.  

If you get any pictures of video of the event, I would love to publish that in my  Colorado Newsletter.  You'll be credited for the work and hundreds of people will enjoy what you did.  Just go to my Colorado Pictures page for details.  

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