The Colorado Sand Dunes

What does the Colorado Sand Dunes mean?  About 440,000 years of history.  And actually, if you talk with a geologist, that's really young.  

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The colorful Sangre de Cristo Range behind the dunes are the reason why they became the tallest dunes in North America.  The winds from the west blow the sand but then the particles lose power when they get close to the 14,000 plus mountain range.

When you take your kids, they'll get a geology lesson from just swimming in the Medano Creek.  It's one of the coolest things you'll observe your kids doing.  They will lay in about 6 inches of cool running water and watch the river and sand shift all around them.  

colorado sand dunes

You and Your Kids Can Watch Medano Creek Shift and Change!

My 10 and 7 year old did that and they were entertained for hours.  The creek only runs from spring to early summer, so unfortunately you won't be able to do it during other times of the year.

colorado sand dunes peak

The Peak is Awesome

The biggest suggestion is to wear shoes with socks no matter how hot it is outside.  If you have sandals or anything that will allow sand on your feet, then you're going to have a very hot walk.  

If you take any great pictures of the Colorado Sand Dunes, I'd love to put them into one of my shows.  For details, go to my Colorado Pictures page.    

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