An Easy Video Editing Software Program

My mother-in-law needs an easy video editing software program and if you're like her, then you're going to love this easy tool called Picasa which is made by Google.

You will need to download the program onto your computer and if you don't know how to do that, then get a teenager to do it for you.  Once on your computer, my video will show you the rest.

In the video, I used a royalty free song, so I won't have any problems uploading it to Youtube.  If you want your video on Youtube, be careful with the song you choose.  I've had my video deleted on Facebook because I had a song without a license.  If you're just using it for home, it doesn't matter what song you put on.

One great tip that I left out in the video was the ability to make photos from your videos.  It's so handy to use sometimes if you need a quick pic.

easy video editing software

There is a button called "Take Snapshot" that will click a photo from an image in your video.

For example, I wanted a picture of my daughter skiing, so I clicked the image below by using the "Take Snapshot" button.

easy video editing software 2

Now I have a good looking picture that I can use in other places.  Check out what I did with the image.

easy video editing software 3

I could get my skier posted up on a famous European wall.  How about that?  Would you like to know how to do that?  Check out my article about fun photo editing.   You'll be making posters and fun pics with your images in no time.

You can also make your own magazine cover with your photos.  

I hope this quick Picasa tutorial was helpful to you.  Please give me any comments that you have, so I can improve on future tutorials.  Make sure you sign up for my free Colorado Newsletter because you'll constantly learn new tips and tricks for your images.  

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Thank you so much for your time and Happy Travels!

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