Free Fun Photo Editing

You can have some free fun photo editing with a program called Picnik.  It's a web based program that fits right in with any browser that you use. 

I was able to take a decent picture and turn it into something a little brighter in about 5 minutes.  My video tutorial below will explain the whole process.

After making the video, I tried to do the same thing with a flower.  I figured since flowers stick out in nature so well, let's try to do it with Picnik.

free fun photo editing flower

As you can see, it highlights the flower more while giving it a dreamy look.

free fun photo editing

Just like in the video, I started using the "Black and White" effect.  Once you apply that effect, you can paint any part of the photo back to its original color.

free fun photo editing 2

However, unlike in the video, I used the "Boost" effect.  It really gave the image a shine.

free fun photo editing

I did use the same "Focal Softness" effect, but I didn't soften the center of the flower.  I wanted the yellow part to stand out.

free fun photo editing 4

After you are done editing, make sure to save the image.  You need to do that before you use any of the fancy collages that Picnik offers.  I picked out a summer theme and placed my image right into it.  

Instead of using the "Fancy Collage" method from Picnik, you could use one of the fun photo editing frames from Photofunia and make yourself famous.  

free fun photo editing 5

My flower is now an important piece of art in a prestigous museum.  I never knew I had it in me (HA! HA!)

You can even put your creation on the cover of a magazine.  Check out my article "Make Your Own Magazine Cover" for more details.  

If you make any cool looking pics from Colorado, I'd love to see them and put them into my Colorado Newsletter.  I'll even put them into one of my slideshows.

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Thanks for your time and Happy Travels!

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