Free Photo Editing Software: 7 Great Programs You'll Love!

Free photo editing software can be as powerful as any paid software. It's amazing what you'll be able to do with them.  Your facebook and other social media pictures will really light up. 

I picked out 7 great photo programs that you'll want to use for your travels:

free photo editing software

1.  The easiest and most user-friendly is Picnik which is now owned by Google. It's a web based service that offers many free effects that you can easily perfom.  Give yourself 30 minutes to play around with the interface and you'll feel like a pro. 

free photo editing gimp

I guess that's a Gimp

2.  Do you want even more power?  GIMP is your answer!  It has many of the same features as the expensive Photoshop.  You'll need some tutorials to help you understand this interface.  Just go to Youtube and you'll find many free ones.

I made a quick video outlining Picnik and Gimp.  You can check it out here.

free photo editing fun

3.  Photo Funia has many different backgrounds and images that you're going to spend a lot of time on.  I made the picture below in less than a minute,

fun free editing

They have well over 100 effects in different categories like art, television, and magazines.  

free photo editing speech

4.  Do you want to say something about the great picture that you took?  Then you need Fotobabble.   You just have to record you comments about the pic and Fotobabble will give you link, so your friends and family can hear about it.

mag my pic

5.  How could you become famous in about 5 minutes?  You just simply go to MagMyPic and you're on the cover of a magazine. I made a quick video about it that you can check out here.

in 20 years

6.  This site might depress you.  You can see what you will look like in 20 years.  It's called In20years.  

wanoku labs

7.  Wanokoto Labs in Japan will let you make any photograph that you have look old.  The picture above is modern, but it got tranformed to make it look older.  Most of the site is in Japanese, but when you hit the English buttone, there's enough for you to work with. 

With these seven sites, you're going to have a lot of fun with your photos.  If you make any cool ones about Colorado, I'd love to see them.  Just go here for details!

You'll also want to subscribe to my free Colorado Newsletter.  I'll constantly be updating it with tips and tricks you can do with your photos.  You'll also keep Colorado in your memories!

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Thanks for your time and any comments would be appreciated.  Happy Travels!

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