Fun Photo Editing

You can do some fun photo editing with a site called Photofunia.  You don't have to learn anything like you do with Picnik or Gimp.  Just upload some of your favorite pics and you can put yourself into more than 100 different landscapes.

A nice little feature, that I didn't mention in the video, is the ability to animate up to five pictures.

fun photo editing
You can't see it with the picture above, but the image will oscillate between five images that you upload.  It's great for your Facebook pages when you want to show several images at once.

fun photo editing 2
Just click the 5 buttons above, upload your 5 favorite pictures, and you got animation.

Do you want to be rich?  Or at least feel like you are?  

fun photo editing 3

I couldn't help feeling like Ben Franklin for a little while.  What would you look like on a $100 bill?

Talking about money.   You can now save 1000s of dollars from sending your kids to college.  There is a more simple way of doing it.

fun photo editing 4

Just tell your kids to put their names on one of the diplomas at Photofunia, and they will have the piece of paper that they always wanted.  I was never smart enough to go to Harvard, but now it doesn't matter.  You can see my "genuine" diploma above.

If you do some fun photo editing with any pictures from Colorado, I'd love to share them with the people of this site.  On top of that, I'll put them into one of my slideshows.  There's nothing else like this on the internet, so check out the details at my Colorado Pictures page.  

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