Colorado Helicopter Skiing

You can do some helicopter skiing for about $160 for one run and expect to pay around $1000 to do many runs. 

I came across this adrenaline feeling video of a heli-run near Silverton, Colorado. Take a look at it below:

Many people call it Heli-skiing and it's been around since the 1960s. You do heli-skiing or snowboarding in order to ski through lots of powder or hit very steep slopes.

If you'd love to do this, you'll have to check out some of Warren Miller's films. He's notorious for movies showing skiiers doing the most unbeliebable runs in some of the most dangerous places on earth. His first movie was made in 1950 and  54 others were produced all the way up to 2004. That's over 50 years of film making including titles named, "Ski on the Wild Side," "Born to Ski," Snowriders." and many, many more.

Silverton is an old mining town with a population of less than 1000. It's a cozy mountain town with many historical shops and stunning views. If you go there, make sure to take the old train from Silverton to Durango.

If you get any pictues from heli-skiing, please send a few pics to me and tell me your story. I'll make sure to give you credit for it and include it into my Colorado Newsletter.

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