Hiking in Steamboat Springs

You can get a snapshot of hiking in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with the videos and pictures that I found.  

Do you just want to do a little hike near town?

Then Howelsen Hill is perfect for you.  It's about 10 miles of trails and you'll get a panoramic view of the ski area.  Unfortunately the best video I found was in Winter, but it will give you a good idea about the kind of walking you'll be doing. 

As You Can See, It's Great for Families in the Winter

hiking in steamboat springs

This Howelsen Hill Photo is Courtesy of SteamboatDigs

This is the kind of terrain you'll encounter on Howelsen Hill.  During the warm months, there's actually a summer ski jump.  How often can you see that when you're hiking?

For your next hike, you can just go across town and walk up the Steamboat Ski Area called Mt. Werner.  A lot of people will pay to ride up on the gondola and then walk down. The video below will give you a great visual of the walk, but the music might be hard for you to listen to.  Just mute it!

Do you want a beautiful drive and then a pleasant hike? Then drive about 15 miles and you can be trekking up Rabbit Ears Pass. There are some strenous parts, but the isolation and lush, green trees will be worth it.  

You'll See Two Rock Pillars That Look Like Rabbit Ears

There's nothing like rushing mountain falls, so if you have the chance, you'll need to hike to Fish Creek Falls.  It's one of the biggest summer time attractions in the whole area. The video below is in high definition and will show you the whole trail and the falls at the end.

You can see from the video that it's great for kids, so there's no excuse for you not going on this one.

fish creek falls

Fish Creek Falls is a Big Attraction.  Courtesy of pdsphil

These four videos should get you started and give you an idea of the landscape. If that's not enough, you might want to take a look at the Yampa Core Trail and Spring Creek Trail

To learn the most about hiking in Colorado, you need to check out colorado-hiking-vacations.com.  It's full of great information to give you the best climbing experience possible.  Just check out the page on Steamboat Springs Hiking to see how great it is.  

Have you been hiking in Steamboat Springs or any where else in Colorado? If so, the Viewers of this site would love to see any pictures or videos that you have and hear about your story.  I'll publish it in my free Colorado newsletter.  Just go to my Colorado Pictures page for details.

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Happy Hiking in Steamboat Springs!

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