How to Make a Panorama

You can make a panorama with your pictures in a snap. Panoramic photography is great when you're looking at an expansive horizon and you're unable to get the beautiful view in just one shot. All you have to do is take several shots and plug it into some software and you'll have your horizon. Take a look at the video below and I also made some quick pictures to demonstrate it.

The video shows you what I did with Weston Pass in South Park, Colorado. The photos below are from exit 254 on Interstate 70. (By the way, if you want a great view of the Rocky Mountains, stop for a couple of minutes at that exit and you'll get some of the best pictures in all of Colorado.)

make a panorama
I Shot this Picture From the Right...

make a panorama center
...This Photo is In the Center...

make a panorama left
...And This is the Photo From Left

I entered the three photos into (I don't know where that name comes from) and I got the nice panoramic photo below.


The software stitches the images together and you can do both a wide angle or a 360 degree angle.

I actually only had an inexpensive cell phone camera when I took the pictures and they still came out all right. Imagine what you could do with a better camera!

I'd love to see any panoramic photos that you've take from Colorado.  I'll include it into my free newsletter and you could be a candidate for Colorado's picture of the week. Go to my Colorado Pictures page for details!

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Happy Travels!

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