How to Make Your Computer Faster

You can make your computer faster with this simple technique that I discovered after my processor was running slow from editing pictures and videos. 

It's called "ReadyBoost and it's very simple to access. Just look at my free tutorial below. (I would think there's something like this for Apple computers. If anybody knows please inform me and I'll tell everybody about it. Thanks!)

In the video, you saw how a pop up screen will alert you to turn on ReadyBoost. If it doesn't pop up or you want to know how to turn it on and off, then take a look at the instructions below.

make your computer faster
Just go to Your Drives on Your Computer and Right-Click on the Drive...

ready boost
...That You Want and Click on PROPERTIES. After that You will See ReadyBoost and You Will Click on that....

adjust memory

...Once You Are there, You can Choose to Use All of the Memory From Your USB Memory Stick or Adjust the Amount. I Usually Just Use All of It and I Notice a Difference When I'm Working with Videos and Pictures.

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