Mount Evans is For Everybody

I can say Mount Evans is for everybody because you can get there in the easy convenience of your car and do it by driving along the scenic byway.  

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The Road

It is the highest paved road in the world and your car will reach over 14,000 feet. Just like Trail Ridge Road, make sure your car has a lot of anti-freeze.  I've seen cars overheat ascending up to that high of a level.  My temperature gauge on my car went up very quickly!

mount evans
How Often Will You See a Sign Like That?

Bring a coat because it can get very cold up there even in July.  I went one day when it was 100 degrees in Denver and the temperature was in the 30s on Mt. Evans.

The Wilderness

You'll be above tree line and that's great for hiking with views.  However, if you're looking to hike in the woods, then Echo Lake is a great alternative.  It's located at the base where highway 5 (Mt. Evans Road) begins.  

There's a great chance you'll see some goats on the way.  You shouldn't feed them because they get too used to the cars.  I've seen goats licking up anti-freeze off of the roads.  Makes you wonder what their digestion systems are like?

mt. evans goats
They're Amazing to Look At

Bicycle Ride

You'll also probably encounter bikers on the way up.  Some of them start in Idaho Springs (about 28 miles away) and bike all the way up.  

I also found a great video on Youtube of a boarder going down the mountain.  It looks fun.

mount evans wilderness
Don't Tip Over!

While I was researching videos, I came across this biking preview video that you might like to look at. Especially if you want to pedal all the up this beautiful mountain.

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