A New Colorado Beer Company with a Touch of France

There's a new Colorado beer called Elevation that will turn your idea of brew upside down. It is aged in a whiskey barrel for 9 months and bottled in Champagne style corked and caged bottles.   

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Wouldn't You Love to Drink a Craft Brew from a Champagne Bottle?

I interviewed Xandy Bustamente, one of the founders of Elevation, and he and his three other Colorado-native partners are really living out the American Dream. They are starting a business that they love from an idea that they all came up with 2 years ago during a summer BBQ. They combined all of their talents to come up with a unique, tasty product while living in a place that they love. Don't you love stories like that?

You can taste their new beers this May 19th in Poncha Springs during their grand opening party with live music, food, and brewery tours. If you can't make it then, don't worry! You can stop by on the weekends for tasting and touring. You'll also be able to pick up a couple of bottles from your local liquor store or enjoy this new Colorado beer in your favorite tavern or restaurant. 

If you have a few minutes, take a look at their video below.  And, I'll also display  the technical details from my invterview with Xandy where he'll explain what makes his products so unique.

Some quick questions I asked Xandy

I've heard of aged wine, but what makes aged beer better?

Xandy:   It depends on the beer style, a craft beer like an IPA, Amber, or Pale Ale would usually not be too good if you aged them (most beers have a 90-120 day shelf life). Yet when you take a bigger beer say an Imperial Stout with a 10%+ abv and then age it for 9 months in a Whiskey barrel, it can turn out fantastic. The extra time lets the flavors meld together more as well as pick up flavors from the barrels you put them in making for a very tasty brew. Think of it like aging a wine or scotch ale. Some beers can be aged for up to 3 years before they are even bottled.

David:   You have two beers right now that I think are dark. What's the difference between the two and how do they differ from other dark beers?

new colorado microbrewery
The Creators of the Elevation Microbrewery Living Out the American Dream in Poncha Springs, Colorado

Xandy:   The easiest way to think of beer color is to think of it in the same way you think of wine. Just because two wines are red or two are white doesn't mean they taste anything alike.

The first two beers we will be packaging will be in the Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond Series' respectively. Both these series of beers will rotate season to season and will be available in Champagne style corked and caged bottles. The first beer in our Black Diamond Series will be Apis IV. A Belgian style Quadruple beer made will local caramelized honey. This beer will be dark dark brown in color and will have notes of dark fruits, honey and carmel and will come in at 10.5% ABV.

The first beer in our Double Black Diamond Series will be Signal De Botrange, a Belgian Farmhouse Beer aged in Napa Valley Chardonnay Barrels and fermented with a special yeast strain called Brettonomyces. It will be a reddish brown and have notes of pepper, Chardonnay, Oak and a bit of sourness and earthy notes from the Brettonomyces.

David:  I like the name Elevation Beer. How did you come up with that name?

Xandy:  Christian came up with the name for the brewery after all the signs you see in Colorado touting each small town's Elevation and we thought it was a perfect fit. We sit at over 7500 feet ourselves!

Also our brewery is focusing on beers that will hopefully elevate the perception of beer in the US so Elevation works in two ways.

You can learn more at their website.

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