An Easy Photo Collage Maker

I found a photo collage maker that you're going to love.  It's easy and the "grandparents" are going to love your finished product.  It's a free product made by Google called Picasa

You'll have to download it to your computer but it doesn't take up that much space.  Picasa will look through your whole computer and find every image, video, and picture that you have and organize it for you.  

I mentioned in the video that it's important to put all of the files that you want in your collage into one folder.  It makes it so much easier to organize.  I just find the pictures on my computer that I want, copy them and paste them into a new, separate folder.  

photo collage maker

I like to copy a paste the images, so I don't lose the orginal.  

Make sure you're patient with editing in Picnik because the file sizes can be taxing on your internet and computer.

Another great feature that I didn't mention in the video is sending your large files. When I've tried to send images through normal e-mail, many times my e-mail carrier can't send such big files.  However, with Picasa, I've never run into that problem.  I've sent folders of 30 images before to friends and family and they always get them.

If you have any tips or tricks about photo editing, I'd love to hear your comments. I'll pass along your great info to the viewers of my site.  They'll be so thankful!

Also, if you have any great pictures from Colorado, I'd love to see them.  I'll put them into one of my slideshows and into my Colorado Newsletter.  Go to my Colorado Pictures Page for details!

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I'll also put more articles into my Colorado Photos page, so you might want to bookmark that page to keep up with the latest editing tips and tricks.  

Thank you so much for your time and Happy Travels!

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