A Photo Manipulation Tutorial

This photo manipulation tutorial will show you a technique that could get your enemy in a lot of trouble, because you'll be able to put him/her in any place that you want.   Of course you would never do that (HA! HA!), but you will be able to put your family in a different place.

My family and I took a trip to Disney World last year, but I changed the image below to quickly switch them to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado.  After viewing the video below, you'll know how to do that as well.

You'll need to download a free program called GIMP and it works on MACs and PCs.

If you're already pretty good at editing software, then you might be able to scan my directions below and be able to do it yourself.

photo manipulation tutorial

First, you need to open two different images in Gimp.  It's done just like any other program.

photo manipulation tutorial 2

Second, you will click the "Free Select Tool" and trace an outline over the image you want to cut out.  

photo change gimp

After you have cut out your image, there are two buttons you need to click.  The first button is the "Invert" key listed under the "Select" menu and the second button is the "Add Alpha Change" under the "Layer" dialogue box.  Once you've clicked through those two buttons, then you can simply hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

photo changes

You are bound to have some left over pixels that you'll want to erase.  Just simply use the "Erase" tool and you'll get rid of any spots that you don't like.  

photo manipulation lessons

Now you're ready to copy and paste the edited photo on top of the destination photo.  Once you've done that, use the "Move" Tool and the "Scale" tool to make any other adjustments.

Once you're done, you'll be amazed with what you did.  Below it the completed image from the video that I made.

photo manipulation copy
I didn't edit it too much because I did it live on the recorder.  With a little extra work, the image would look a lot better.  We went from Florida to Colorado in about 10 minutes.

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I know the internet is a very busy place, so I thank you so much for spending a little time on my site.  I hope you enjoyed this photo manipulation tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it.  

Happy Travels!

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