Rocky Mountain National Park Highlights

Rocky Mountain National Park really symbolizes the outdoors of Colorado.  The peaks are high, there are many alpine lakes, and there are hiking trails galore.  On top of that, Trail Ridge Road typifies the beautiful 2-lane roads that traverse all over this great state.

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The Park is the kind of place you can spend a day or several weeks at.  I've driven from my home in Golden, Colorado and made a one day loop going through Boulder, Estes Park, over Trail Ridge Road and back through the other side.  

For fishermen, hikers, cross-country skiers and lovers of outdoors, weeks could pass before they would get bored.  You have at your access 350 miles of hiking trails, 150 lakes, surging streams, waterfalls, and the gorgeous view of Longs Peak in your site.

Trail Ridge Road

This road is 48 miles of pure beauty that stretches from Estes Park on the east side to Grand Lake on the west side.  The road peaks at 12,183, so make sure you have enough anti-freeze in your car.  I've often seen cars overheat because of the thin air.  

rocky mountain national park
Get Your Cameras Ready for This Drive.  By the Way, if You Have Some Great Colorado Pictures, I'd Love to Put them in One of My Shows.

Be also prepared for a slow drive.  Often elk will walk all over the road and you'll want to stop at the Alpine Visitor's Center on top.

Also expect to pay about $20 for a park pass that will last you for a week.

Rocky Mountain Lakes

The most popular lakes are: Bear Lake, Sprague Lake, and Chasm Lake.  

rocky mountain lake
What's Better than an Alpine Lake with Gorgeous Views?

cub lake
Cub Lake

Wildlife and Vegetation

You'll see many flowers and plants along your hiking trails.

rocky mountain flower

rocky mountain vegetation

rocky mountain lion
You Might See Something Exotic...

rocky mountain llama
...Or You Could Even take a Ride on a Llama.

The Views

You'll never get tired of the views, so I'll leave you with a couple of pictures that should stimulate your desire to come to Rocky Mountain National Park.

rocky mountain view

rocky mountain stars
Wouldn't You Like to Sleep Under These Stars?

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rocky mountain national park
rocky mountain national park
rocky mountain national park