Snow Circles: Could it Be A New Phenomenom?colorado video winner

Snow circles is a way for you to get a workout while creating some beautiful art.

You have probably heard of crop circles. Those are those funny circles designed in the middle of wheat crops that is surrounded by a lot of mystery and intrigue.

This new art doesn't have any mystery surrounding it. It is creativity designed by Sonja Hinrichsen and she is able to create stunning designs into snow by using simple snowshoes and her own imagination.

The video below shows these beautiful designs and five people were able to do this in about three hours of walking over Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado which is located about 15 miles from Steamboat Springs.

Unlike wheat, snow will melt so aerial photographer Cedar Beaugard took out his remote control helicopter and recorded these "needlepoint" or "quilt-like" shapes so people could see this for the ages. I thought this was done with a regular plane, but I guess remote control technology has come a long way.

snow circles
Crop Circle Courtesy of Oddsock

Crop circles have been around for decades and have been an international phenomenom.  Do you think the designs created by Hinrichsen could be as big? I'd love to hear your opinion below.

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