Steamboat Recycling Story

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado recycling has just become profitable and practical. The ski resort is a model of turning trash into profits and proving that the environment doesn't need to take a backseat. 

3 years ago, they set the goal of eliminating all garbage and they are 70% on their way.  They hope to be waste free by 2014. Do you think they can do it?

How do they do it now? Restaurants and bars only use recyclable products that can be composted. Then, they only allow the employees to sort and sift through the trash so that the customers won't put the wrong trash in the wrong bins. I wonder if the extra cost for the employees is worth it? I hope so!

The compostable trash is hauled away and left to be turned into fertile soil for a later use. They use it for new hiking trails, ramps, and other activities for the restort. It's pretty cool to see! Take a look at the video below.

It's great to see new innovative ideas coming out of Colorado. I'll be looking to see if they are 100% waste free by 2014. Even if they're not, 70% is a great start.

Do you know of any "21st Century" ideas like that coming out of Colorado? I'd love to hear about it. Just go to my Colorado Pictures page for details. If I hear any more updates or other great stories, I'll make sure to profile it in my Colorado Newsletter.

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