Fun at Wolf Creek Pass

In 1916, Wolf Creek Pass opened up and created more trade between the San Luis Valley and Pagosa Springs.  That created a mini-boom for Southwestern Colorado that lead many people to spend some of their time and money on some fun. 

The pass crosses over the San Juan Mountains with U.S. Highway 160 and the stretch between South Fork on the East and Pagosa Springs on the West side is about 40 miles.  

The road is glorified in a 1975 song by C.W. McCall where he talks about traversing a big truck along the 37 mile stretch.  

I got some images and travel experiences from real travelers that you might enjoy learning from.

Do you like skiing in open ranges?  

As you saw from the above video, Mike from made a great video of him and his buddies skiing all around the area.  

wolf creek pass   wolf creek pass josh

It looked like such a classic picture, so I decided
to give the image a stencil look

They went on a day when many skiiers had already been compacting the snow down, but they were still able to find fresh powder eventhough it snowed three weeks before.  

If you're planning on lodging in the area, Mike recommends the Legacy Lodge in South Fork which is about 15 miles away. The lodge is run by the Lloyd family and after I visited the site, I could tell that they really want their customers to have the best vacationing experience possible.  It's not a chain-hotel looking to get you in and out.

wolf creek legacy lodge

Consider the Legacy Lodge in South Fork, Colorado 

Wolf Creek Pass gets more snow than any other pass in all of Colorado and after watching the video of Aaron and Vince, you'll know why.  Vince snowboarded and triggered an avalanche!  Don't worry though.  They were fine! 

It's one of the best snowboarding videos you'll ever see and I will immortalize that image as a magazine.  

wolf creek avalanche skiing

Could You Imagine Going Down a Hill Like That? What a Rush!

Aaron wrote that the pass got 65 inches of snow in four days. You can read about the whole story here.  

Keep in mind that you can have a nice, pleasant drive over the pass.  That's what Shazamm51 from Youtube did with his Lamborghini. 

wolf creek drive
Cruising Over the Pass in a Lamborghini

The summer drive is stunning because there are so many different colors and you wind and weave your way through some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.  

You can also do some climbing and canyoning like Ira from FrontRangeProduction did.  They camped on the West Side of the Pass near Treasure Mountain and had a great time.  

wolf creek beer

Ira also recommends the Pagosa Springs Brewery which is about 20 miles away from where they camped.  They have some nationally award winning beers. (By the way, I found a great video on Colorado Beers that you can see by clicking here.)

wolf creek canyoning

Ira and Friends at Treasure Falls

I got two tips from aeblackwell from Youtube.  She recommends the Bear Creek Saloon and Grill in Pagosa Springs for a great gourment burger.  She also goes to the Echo Canyon Reservoir State Wildlife Area to watch the ducks and coots and she thinks the fishing looks good.  

wolf creek aspens
Wolf Creek Pass During Fall

Before I go, I had to post a picture of Treasure Mountain from Mike at Mikerecords and then giving it a funky look.  It's the most obvious, grand mountain you can see when you're at Pagosa Springs.  

treasure mountain
Here is the Original

treasure mountain wolf creek
And Here I Funked it Up a Bit!

You can do some funky things with your pictures too.  Check out my "Cool Photo Effects" page.  

If you have any great pics or videos of Wolf Creek Pass or any other place in Colorado, I'd love to see them and the subscribers of my newsletter would love to see them too.  Just go to my "Colorado Pictures" page for more details.  

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